USB ICSP PIC Programmer

SDC12089 Copy Copy
From the previous post, I mentioned that I bought this PIC Programmer for only RM 25 from Cytron.

This is essentially just an OEM version of the official Microchip Pickit 2 Programmer.
The original version could have easily cost more than RM100.

Together with this programmer I also bought a ICSP Universal Socket so I can directly plug it into the breadboard for easy debugging.


The connection schematics are as follows:

Do take note that the above connection is to operate the PIC Microcontroller at 800kHz.
I’m using the PIC16F84A for this test.

The software detected the PIC16F84A and all there’s left to do is to load a HEX file and click Write.

Besides programming the MCU, the programmer can also power up the circuit by just ticking the check box on the VDD section.
If desired, the VDD voltage can be varied from 2.5V to 5.0V.
It won’t go any higher than 5.0V because that is the maximum the USB port can provide.


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  1. tam weng haur06-02-2012

    hey bro~
    how to connect the ICSP Programmer Universal Socket when i using PIC16F877A ??

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