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Two Arduinos Talking To Each Other

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I wanted to play with keypads so I went to look for one at Jalan Pasar, but unfortunately they all cost at least RM20. I just wanted something cheap to experiment with first. So, I asked the salesperson are there any keypads that are cheaper than those, she immediately reached for a shelve and took this out. It’s a paper …

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Arduino Fake Screenshot Trigger

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I think most of you will be wondering what I’m on about. For those of you who are working in an office, and you have a computer on your desk, most of the time you’ll tend to surf the Internet when there’s less work or when the boss is not around. This is all nice but what happens if your …

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Arduino Voltmeter

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I’ve been experimenting on ADCs alot recently and I suddenly thought of doing this small experiment. I’ll try to turn my Arduino into a voltmeter by using its’ analog input and the very powerful map() function. I’ll be using a HD44780 character LCD to display the voltage output and a 10k potentiometer to vary the input voltage going into the …

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Arduino Nano Revived! (Part 2)

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I bought my Arduino Nano V3.0 from Ebay and it arrived dead. This is Part 2 of my encounter with the Nano. If you’ve not read Part 1, I strongly recommend you to do so here. Thank you. So I got my new Uno R3 and the first thing I did was trying to burn a bootloader onto the Nano. …

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Faulty Arduino Nano (Part 1)

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What I’m writing on this post happened a month ago and it was before I got my Uno R3. After much hassle I’m finally able to share this with you all. I ordered an Arduino Nano V3.0 on Ebay. The seller is from Hong Kong and it took around 2 weeks for it to arrive. It’s not a genuine Arduino though, at …

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