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Android Auto in Perodua Axia 1.0 Standard E

Android Auto Copy 1

Recently I got a new Perodua Axia and I went for the low spec model which was quite bare. No radio, no central locking and only available as a manual. This gave me an opportunity to install my own DIY car radio. I could have gone for a standard single DIN car radio with Bluetooth but that’s boring. Having recently …

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Bluetooth Mini Robot

Bluetooth Mini Robot Banner

Got another new robot kit and decided to create a bluetooth controlled robot with it. It’s from DFRobot and it’s called the MiniQ. Here it is assembled. Created a simple circuit on a donut board with a L293 H-Bridge and Arduino Nano. It is powered by a 2 cell Lithium Polymer battery. Typically each cell provides 3.7V so that amounts …

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