Patriot MicroSDHC 8GB Class 4

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I needed a memory card so I got one that is the cheapest in Low Yat. Actually, they’re all the same so it doesn’t matter anyway. Found one for only RM20.

It’s a Patriot MicroSDHC 8GB Class 4 card. For those who don’t know, Patriot is well known for making computer RAMs.

It also comes with a MicroSD to SD adapter so it can be used on a camera or a memory card reader which doesn’t support MicroSD cards.

The reason why I’m writing about this memory card is not because it’s special in any way, but because these cards are so cheap now that it boggles the mind.

We’re talking about 8 gigabytes of storage space in something as small as a 5 cents coin. If we rewind back to almost 10 years ago, this would have cost a bomb. Not mentioning that it’s not even possible to cram so much of storage space in such a small area at that time because flash technology was still very young.

For those young ones, you probably don’t understand what I’m on about.

Just to illustrate my point, here’s the first memory card I bought back in 2004.

It only has 64 megabytes of storage space but that’s not the main point. Did you notice the price tag?

It’s RM308! That translates to approximately RM 4.80 per megabyte. If the 8GB card was available back then, it would have costed (8 x 1024 x 4.80) RM 39.3k.

This just shows how far we’ve come since then. Flash technology have come a long way and I believe it will soon replace the aging mechanical hard drive.

Lastly, for those who are interested, I did a simple read and write speed test.

Read speed of 17 megabytes/second. Not bad, but what’s important is the write speed. Being a Class 4 card, I’m expecting around 4 megabytes/second.

The write speed is around 5 megabytes/second, it’s 1 megabyte/second faster than its’ rated speed.

In the next post, you will see why I bought this memory card 🙂 Till then.

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