Fritzing, another schematic/PCB software

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In an older post, I talked about using EAGLE to draw out schematics and PCBs. Please check it out here. I’ve stumbled across another software and I found it to be very interesting. Have you ever gone to the website and stumbled across graphical schematics like these : And also the schematics I’ve drawn in a previous post? : …

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Arduino Nano Revived! (Part 2)

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I bought my Arduino Nano V3.0 from Ebay and it arrived dead. This is Part 2 of my encounter with the Nano. If you’ve not read Part 1, I strongly recommend you to do so here. Thank you. So I got my new Uno R3 and the first thing I did was trying to burn a bootloader onto the Nano. …

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Faulty Arduino Nano (Part 1)

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What I’m writing on this post happened a month ago and it was before I got my Uno R3. After much hassle I’m finally able to share this with you all. I ordered an Arduino Nano V3.0 on Ebay. The seller is from Hong Kong and it took around 2 weeks for it to arrive. It’s not a genuine Arduino though, at …

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LCD Smartie through Arduino

Lcd Smartie Arduino

I’ve talked about LCD Smartie a few posts ago but that was connected through the Parallel port. If you’ve not read it, please do so here. As parallel ports are getting more rare each day, computers start losing parallel ports and electronics will have to move on to a new interface. LCD Smartie is a relatively old project but because …

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Arduino Interfacing with HD44780 LCD

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In a previous post, I’ve shown that the HD44780 LCD can be interfaced by a computer. Please read it here if you haven’t done so. Mostly these LCDs will be interfaced by a microprocessor or a microcontroller in embedded systems. To program a MCU to interface with an LCD is relatively simple once you’ve read the datasheet. But unfortunately the LCD …

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Pre-Made Jumper Cables

Jumper Banner

After a long day at work, I arrived home and found this in my mail box. I mean the physical one, not on the Internet 😛 This came all the way from…. Singapore. I bought some pre-made jumper cables on Ebay for only RM 7.50 after conversion. In the pack there are 70 pieces of jumper cables as claimed by …

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