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Got this relatively cheap digital multimeter at Jalan Pasar for RM 48, including a free 9V battery.

There are cheaper ones around RM20 but those looked like it’s gonna break after a few use.
I was told that these cheap multimeters are quite accurate when measuring low voltage or current.

Let’s put it to the test shall we.

This is the LM7805. It’s a 5V voltage regulator, its’ sole purpose is to downscale any high voltage (as high as 35V) down to just 5V while limiting current flow to 1A.

But if you plan to go any higher than 20V, a heatsink is highly recommended.

Let’s plug it into a breadboard and use a 9V battery as the input for this simple test.


As you can see, the reading is exactly 5.00V. I’ve put it to other tests as well and this multimeter is quite accurate for my needs.

If you are eagle-eyed, you may notice that I’ve put the reading on hold. That’s because it fluctuates between 5.00V and 5.01V.
This is not the multimeter’s fault, I did not put any capacitors to stabilize the voltage.

I’ve been using it for over two months now and it’s holding up well.

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