Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000

Got myself this as my digital camera died on me. The shutter on that camera is stuck and won’t close so all the photos turn out overexposed. Sadly, I can’t afford a new camera but certainly I can afford this.

Bought it for RM58 at Viewnet Lowyat and comes with a 3-year warranty. I think they were trying to clear this as new models are coming soon. This webcam used to cost twice as much when it was first launched.

Of course the main highlight of this webcam is it’s able to take 720p HD videos. It also comes with auto-focus which I need to take close-up shots. I tested it and the close-up shots are pretty decent but the videos are much much better. They are leaps and bounds better than my camera even when it was working.

This webcam has a unique feature which is manual focus. In the software the user can play with the focus slider to achieve sharper pictures or videos at close range.

This is as close as it can get. Very decent for a RM50 webcam.

This will serve me well till I can afford a new camera.

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