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Moving up the Microchip PIC16F Microcontroller family, we have the PIC16F877A. This is a very common MCU and it’s always mentioned in DIY projects.

It’s popular among students, hobbyist and even engineers because it’s cheap. I got it for only RM23 and oddly enough that’s cheaper than its’ little brother I mentioned in a previous post, the PIC16F84A. Another reason is the sheer amount of input and output pins available on this MCU. Among other things, this MCU also has Analog to Digital conversion capability without the need of an external chip.

Together with this MCU, I also got myself two crystal oscillators, 4MHz and 20MHz. These frequencies are very common, or at least what I’ve seen so far.

As usual, I’m going to test the MCU by doing the blink test. For randomness, I’m going to use the 4MHz crystal to build my circuit. Accompanying the crystal are two 15pF capacitors.

Checking the datasheet, I should use XT for the Oscillator mode.

Here’s a video of the PIC16F877A in action.

Maybe I’ll test out the ADC and report back in the next post.

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  1. azmir05-27-2013

    Where can I buy 2 x 6 mm 32.768khz crystal oscillator ? ……..

    • Wai Hung05-28-2013

      You can get it at any electronic component store. If you’re in KL, go to Jalan Pasar.

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