L298N Dual-Channel 2A Motor Driver

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I’m working on a new project which has two 12V DC Geared motors.


Below are their specifications.


Its’ rated current is 410mA but if it is stalled, it requires a whopping 1.8A. Stall current is the highest current that the motor will consume when the load is too much (causing the motor shaft to stop turning).

When choosing a suitable motor driver, the user have to take account of the highest current consumption and not the normal load current. In this case, the popular L293D will not be suitable for these motors.

Below are the comparison between L293 and L298 motor drivers.


Clearly L293D is not up to the job if the motor is under heavy load. Moreover the DIP package doesn’t dissipate heat as well as the MultiWatt15 package.

Because of the unusual pin configuration of the L298N, it is not suitable to be used on breadboards and donut boards. Therefore, I need to draw and make a PCB for it.

The schematic is as below.



Printed the layout on an A4 paper and cut to size.


Iron the layout onto the PCB.


I’m using a new type of copper etchant. It is clear in colour unlike the brownish ferric chloride.

Apparently it says that it’s environmentally friendly in the chinese text.



The solution will slowly turn blue when it’s dissolving the copper.


The finished product.


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  1. veljko03-28-2015

    alo bre sto nisi stavio open sors sve da bude

  2. nuthan02-22-2014

    hi,did you sell this driver?

  3. hafizi12-08-2013

    Hi, i was wondering the name of the etchant solution in english, if you could told the name, i will be happy 🙂 Great post instead.

    • Wai Hung12-11-2013

      Sorry I don’t know at the moment. The chinese text on the label doesn’t say anything about the name of the solution. It just says that it’s environmentally friendly.

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