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In an older post, I talked about using EAGLE to draw out schematics and PCBs. Please check it out here. I’ve stumbled across another software and I found it to be very interesting.

Have you ever gone to the website and stumbled across graphical schematics like these :

And also the schematics I’ve drawn in a previous post? :

I will go as far as to say that it’s kinda cute lol. You can draw all the above using Fritzing. Not only that it can do graphical schematics, it can also do normal schematics and PCB design. The library is not huge but it’s sufficient for simple circuits.

When I’m presented with schematics that are made out of boxes and lines, I often get confused and it will take me some time to get the picture (I hope I’m not the only one lol). For example like this :

Most of the time these schematics are only available in one colour, black. For some that are used to looking at schematics (or have done so for the most part of your life) then it should be a piece of cake. But what if you could present it graphically? It will be easier for yourself and everyone too!

When you launch Fritzing, you will be presented with a breadboard. You can start designing your schematics by just transferring what you have on your breadboard, don’t need to figure out the connections again. Not using breadboards for your prototype? Don’t worry you can use perfboards too.

I’ll show you some of the interesting library files available in Fritzing.

Arduinos? No problem. Uno, Nano, Mega, Mini and even the Ethernet Shield are available.

These are common components such as RCL, inputs and outputs.

There are also a variety of ICs available.

Unfortunately, the library for PIC microcontrollers is still under development but I’m sure it will arrive soon.

And lastly, the best thing about Fritzing is it’s FREE! Go download it now at

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