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Hi. This is probably my first ever post that it’s not related to electronics. It’s about my pride and joy. My 2004 Proton Saga. Well, maybe not so much pride because most of the installment were paid by my dad apart from a few months when I was working. This car was passed down to me when I learnt how to drive in 2008, meaning I’ve been driving this car for almost 4 years now. It has gone through thick and thin with me.

I think I’m going to start ranting now so if you are only interested in the fix, kindly scroll down further 🙂

The rear of the car.

The sticker that has been on my car since day 1. Once a Victorian, always a Victorian 🙂

It has done almost 180 thousand kilometers. Mostly contributed by the fact that I drive 70km to college everyday.

Besides college, this car has also seen me through secondary school, where I studied there for 7 years.

This car of mine had a fair share of accidents. Mostly not my fault but I still clearly remember them. This is not going to help in the 2nd hand value of the car 😛

Among the serious ones are, rammed by a bus, got rear-ended by a taxi while on the way to my ex’s place, got rear-ended near college by a sleeping student driver and recently when I was on the way home from work on the LDP (Damansara-Puchong highway).

It was on 23 February 2012, my car got hit by a lorry. He didn’t look properly when changing lane and gave my car quite a big dent and also some scratches. For compensation he only paid me RM 150 but I’ve decided to try to fix it myself first and see how it goes. Only now that I’ve managed to find time to attend to my car. Have been very busy for the past 3 months because of internship.

The damage.

A big dent on the lower part of the right-rear door and also some scuff marks caused by the tyres of the lorry.


A closer look at the dent. The camera doesn’t do it justice. It looks quite bad in person.

To access the back of the door I’ve to take out the door panel.

There are only two screws holding it in. One at the handle.

And another hidden behind the lever.

Also, I need to remove the window crank. The crank is locked in place by a spring and I had to use a card to feel for it and then push the spring to release the crank.

Oh yeah, not forgetting to unscrew the door lock post.

Then I used a flat-head screwdriver to pry out the door panel. Remember to use a cloth to wrap the screwdriver to prevent it from scratching the paint.


After some persuasion, the door panel start to loosen up.

Most of the door panel is held by these plastic tabs.

Finally the door panel came free.

After almost an hour, this is my best effort.

A closer look at the dent. It’s not perfect but I might have just saved myself RM 150 🙂

Always wanted to use one of these 😛

Thanks for reading 🙂

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