Bluetooth Controlled Robot

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Recently I’ve bought a robot base kit from eBay for around RM 50. Similar ones sold here will cost around RM 100.


The kit comes with the robot base, two motors with gearbox, two wheels and some mounting accessories.


The tamiya motor with gearbox. It’s rated at 230rpm @ 6V.


The wheel with matching key slot as the gearbox shaft.


Soldered wire connections to the motor.


Fully assembled robot base.



Simple castor at the front.


On/Off switch in the middle of the robot.


Made a simple motor driver using L293D H-bridge IC and some breakout voltage headers for the microcontroller and additional sensors in the future.


The schematic.


The complete robot. Microcontroller, motor driver and all the necessary connections.


Powered by two 18650 3.7V Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries. It is in series providing up to 7.4V and regulated to 5V using LM2940 Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator.


Below is an explanation why I used a LM2940 low-dropout voltage regulator and not a typical LM7805 voltage regulator.


The bluetooth module.


The circuit. All the connections are made using the 2510 connector. (Google KF2510)


Side view.


The Arduino waits for a character input to perform a particular action.


Video of robot performing basic movements when receiving serial input from a computer.

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  1. http://www./12-30-2016

    Sounds like “50 Dangerous things you should let your child do” is right up my ally. Amazon calls it “a manifesto for parents and children to take back childhood,” thanks for the recommendation Mike. And sadly, my tomatoes just didn’t make it… next year!

  2. Kwong Ming You07-23-2013

    Hi, can we control the robot car by another arduino using Bluetooth?

    • Wai Hung07-23-2013

      Can but have to use a Bluetooth module capable of master mode. The one I have can only be slave.

  3. Kwong Ming you07-04-2013

    What’s the key word you search this kit in eBay?

    • Wai Hung07-04-2013

      It’s ‘Arduino Robot’

  4. Kwong Ming You06-24-2013

    Hi, isn’t it possible to do this robot using RF module instead of Bluetooth module?

    • waihung06-24-2013

      Yeah you could. I prefer bluetooth because I can use my phone to communicate with it.
      Heck you can even use infrared (like TV remote) 🙂

  5. Danesh06-13-2013

    Dude, where do you buy your electronic components from?

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