BBFuino from Cytron

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BBFuino is a breadboard-friendly Arduino created by the guys over at Cytron Technologies (

It is sold for RM 55 but I managed to grab it for only RM 1 cent! Thanks to their 1 cent promotion 🙂

I managed to get other amazing stuffs as well. Back to the BBFuino.

The BBFuino is not a complete Arduino in the sense that it needs an external USB to Serial adapter. In their website, they stated that it works with their UC00A or UC00B. I only bought the UC00B because it’s cheaper. However, in the User’s Manual, they did not mention how to connect the UC00B to the BBFuino.

The UC00B.

Here’s my hand-drawn schematic 🙂

I did not have a female to female jumper in hand so had to resort to this.

Here’s a video on uploading a simple blink sketch to the BBFuino.

Next post will be mounting an 8×2 LCD on the BBFuino 🙂


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  1. vick07-24-2012

    Hey wai hung, the user manual did mention how to connect.Hahaha. Just to inform you 🙂

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