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Arduino Cookbook

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No, Arduino is not a dish. It’s an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on the Atmel microcontroller and uses the C language. It’s very popular now so I thought I’ll get one to see what it does. I heard many good things about it. Just ordered an Arduino online and while waiting, I went to the Kinokuniya bookshop in KLCC …

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Microchip PIC Delay Calculator

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Delays are very essential in the operation of a microcontroller. Because microcontrollers execute instructions at a very fast rate (in microseconds), programmers need to apply delay so that it can interact properly with humans, for example, delay must be used to create software debouncing. Unfortunately, the MPLAB IDE does not have a built-in delay function unlike the Arduino IDE (Arduino …

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Microchip PIC16F84A

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In a recent lab assignment, I’m required to build a circuit using the PIC16F84A. I’m allowed to do it at home so the college ‘lend’ us the chips.┬áBut after completing the assignment I have to return it (initially I thought the college was going to give the chip to me but I was wrong). I had to buy one for …

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GPA Calculator Program

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Calculating the GPA after every semester can be quite tricky. That is why I’ve created this program to help me calculate much easier. This was actually inspired by one of my C++ Assignments but the program can only be used to calculate GPA in my college┬ábecause every university or college have their own grading system. To overcome that, I’ve overhauled …

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USB ICSP PIC Programmer

SDC12089 Copy Copy

From the previous post, I mentioned that I bought this PIC Programmer for only RM 25 from Cytron. This is essentially just an OEM version of the official Microchip Pickit 2 Programmer. The original version could have easily cost more than RM100. Together with this programmer I also bought a ICSP Universal Socket so I can directly plug it into …

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Cytron Crazy Sales


Cytron had its’ online crazy sales on the 23rd of November and everything on the site is at half price. At half price, the Pickit2 programmer is only RM 25 and the breaboard is only RM 7.50. To share shipping costs, I ordered for my friends as well. I had to have 2 breaboards because the price is just too …

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