Arduino Uno R3

Uno R3 Banner
Finally my Arduino is here. Bought it from which is an official distributor listed on the website.

Yeah it’s expensive but it’s a genuine Arduino board and not 3rd party ones. Moreover, this is the latest revision of the Uno, the R3.

Here is the package.

Genuine Arduino Uno R3 made in Italy.

Some close-up shots using my HD-5000 webcam.

Connected the Arduino and installed the correct drivers. This is how it shows up in Device Manager.

Now, to test it by loading the blink sketch.

For those who knows C or C++, you will definitely feel at home when writing sketches on the Arduino IDE. If you noticed, the IDE does have a built-in delay function, just specify the time in ms in delay(). In this case I used delay(1000) which means 1 second of delay. Much easier than programming a PIC MCU.

This is the video of the Uno R3 in action.

More posts about the Arduino coming soon.

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