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The reason why I got the Ethernet Shield is because I found that there are lots of interesting things to do with it. One of it is to make the Arduino obtain live twitter feeds from the Internet and display it on an LCD.

I got the inspiration from the example Twitter sketch in the Ethernet Library. I just modified it so that now it displays the feeds on the LCD instead of the Serial Monitor.

The sketch.

Did you notice the sketch size? 16kB! I think this is the first time I’m using that much. Probably because I’m using both the Ethernet and LiquidCrystal library. If I have an older Arduino with ATmega 168 I won’t be able to do this anymore.

In the sketch I had to change the usual pin assignments for the LCD. Because the Ethernet Shield is using pins 10, 11, 12 and 13, I had to avoid using these for the LCD. Also I tried not to use pin 4 because that’s reserved for the SD card on the shield.

This is how it looked like, two shields on top of the Arduino Uno.

Notice that my home made shield is tilted? This is why.

I made the Prototype Shield before I got the Ethernet Shield. I did not expect the Ethernet port to be that high. The board is now hitting on the port. Luckily, the contact between the pins are still good and all I have to do is to apply some cellotape to prevent the pins from shorting out. Time for Home Made Prototype Shield R2? 😀

Another angle.

When mounted on the Arduino Uno itself, it’s fine though there’s just less than 1mm of clearance.

Lesson learnt. In my next revision of the Prototype Shield, I have to take into account of other type of shields too.

Thanks for reading. Take care 🙂


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  1. man06-11-2012

    sir please mail me the code too.tqvm

  2. ali05-21-2012

    sir, can i have the source code for this arduino twitter feed viewer? thanks a bunch.

    • Wai Hung05-23-2012

      Already sent to your email. Thanks 🙂

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