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I think most of you will be wondering what I’m on about. For those of you who are working in an office, and you have a computer on your desk, most of the time you’ll tend to surf the Internet when there’s less work or when the boss is not around. This is all nice but what happens if your boss suddenly comes barging into your room or cubicle and it wouldn’t be nice for him/her to see that you’re not doing work, right?

The purpose of this project that I’m doing is to solve this once and for all. With the push of a button, a fake screenshot of Excel will be immediately shown on your screen. Of course this button can be placed anywhere on your desk, I will most likely place it near the floor where I can gently hit it with my foot to trigger it. In the video I have the button on the breadboard to make it easier for me to demonstrate. Without further ado, here’s the video.

As mentioned in the video, I’ve written the program in Visual Basic. The program is very simple, once it detects that the button is being pressed, it will launch another form and that particular form will display the full screen image.

Here is the main program.

Once it is launched, it will automatically start running and receiving serial data from the Arduino.

And when the button is pressed, it will launch a new form that will display the full screen image. Here’s the new form.

If desired, the image can be changed, perhaps to a screenshot showing Microsoft Word?

Finally, we still need to program the Arduino to send data over the serial port.

Besides the reason stated above, this project can also be useful if the user wants to leave his/her computer for a moment and wish to hide what they’re doing.

Lastly, I should mention that I will not be held liable for any decline of productivity in your office 😛

Thanks for reading.

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  1. simmer02-23-2014

    hi sir..can i ask a question? im making an access control using rfid and problem is how can i send the data from the rfid tags read by the rfid reader connected in arduino to vb10? to be able for me to make a database system in my access new in arduino programming and vb,,so im hoping you can help me..thank you in advance sir..have a good day!!

  2. Pedro08-06-2012

    Greetings !
    I saw your post Very good, indeed been I was wondering if I could get the source code??

    • waihung08-06-2012

      Thanks 🙂
      Here it is,

      And the Arduino source code :

      int button = 10;
      int led = 9;

      void setup()

      void loop()
      int state = digitalRead(button);





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