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No, Arduino is not a dish. It’s an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on the Atmel microcontroller and uses the C language. It’s very popular now so I thought I’ll get one to see what it does. I heard many good things about it.

Just ordered an Arduino online and while waiting, I went to the Kinokuniya bookshop in KLCC to get this book :

It’s been a long time since I had a proper self-learning book. So far I’ve only bought 3 self-learning books excluding this one. My memory of those books are so fresh that I can even recall what, when, where and how much I bought them.

I bought my first self-learning book when I was 10. It was HTML for Dummies. It costs only RM10 because I got it at the MPH Clearance Sale. Finished the book in 2 months. Next, was a Macromedia Dreamweaver book (now Macromedia is called Adobe, oh im old) and I bought that when I was 11 after I mastered HTML. This was a little more expensive at RM 60 and I got it at Popular Petaling Street. Lastly, it was a Java Programming book and it was thicker than both of the previous books combined. I got it for RM15 at a flea market in Amcorp Mall when I was 12. Didn’t manage to finish the book till today because of UPSR and secondary school. I just realized how secondary school ate up all my time that I don’t even have my own free time to explore and discover.

It’s OK, my passion’s back and I shall conquer this book. Till then.

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