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I bought a bluetooth to serial module from, it allows wireless bluetooth communication between an Arduino and a bluetooth capable device such as a computer or a smartphone. I don’t have the luxury of owning a smartphone so I’ll just be using my computer.

The price is USD 8.60 which translates to around RM 27. Dealextreme provides free shipping too but the only downside is it’ll take two weeks. From my research, this is the cheapest way to get wireless communication to an Arduino. Other solutions will easily cost more than RM 100.

Received it exactly two weeks in my mail, comes with a female-to-female jumper cable just in case if the user decides to place the bluetooth module away from the Arduino.

Close-up shots.

From the picture above, there’s only four pins to be connected. Vcc, GND, RXD and TXD. Vcc can be anywhere between +3.6 to +6V as stated and GND is connected to.. ground.

The RXD pin will be connected to the Arduino’s TX pin, which is Digital Pin 1 and the TXD pin will be connected to the RX pin, which is the Digital Pin 0.

Pretty simple logic, the Bluetooth module RXD pin receives signals which are transmitted by the Arduino’s TX pin and vice versa.

I’ve decided to go the lazy way by connecting the module straight on a breadboard.

I’ve also included an LED on Digital Pin 13.

Because my computer didn’t have a built-in Bluetooth module, I have to get a Bluetooth USB adapter.

To test out the Bluetooth module, I wrote a simple code which will toggle an LED on or off according to the instructions sent from the computer. Sending a ‘1’ will toggle the LED on or off. Other characters are not accepted.

Here’s a demonstration video 🙂

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  1. Zx lee06-27-2013

    From your video, I heard that you are using Ubuntu on your netbook. Is there any benefits in using Ubuntu?

    • Wai Hung06-29-2013

      I’m using Ubuntu because its fast. Somehow when I’m running Ubuntu, my netbook compiles code faster.

  2. mynn02-17-2013

    May i know why there is a diode over there you connected. What value and where it goes.. TQVM

    • Wai Hung02-17-2013

      The diode is IN4007 and its for the bluetooth module. 5V —> IN4007 —> Vcc of Bluetooth module.
      It’s optional actually, I use a diode because there is no diode protection in the module.
      These bluetooth modules are very sensitive. If for whatever reason the voltage is connected in reverse on the breadboard, the bluetooth module will be dead.

      If you’re very sure with your connections you can skip using that diode 🙂


  3. read more11-13-2012

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