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Did a simple test with the Bluetooth module, send a text from the computer and display it on an LCD. Useful for displaying messages wirelessly, something like the queue counter displays you see in banks.

I used the same exact sample code from the Arduino IDE. You can find it in File -> Examples -> LiquidCrystal -> SerialDisplay.

Just connect the TXD and RXD pins from the Bluetooth module to the Arduino. TXD to RXD and vice versa.

The circuit.

Here’s a video of me sending texts to the LCD from my computer through Bluetooth.

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  1. Caravan Smith04-07-2014

    Hello Waihung,

    I am trying to establish a communication between android device and arduino via bluetooth. the messages that is send from android device has to be sent to the arduino and displayed on an lcd. Do you think I need to write code on the android side as well for this to establish.

  2. Lorraine02-23-2014

    Hi I just want to ask about our project. we need to send data using android phone to arduino through bluetooth then the data will display on lcd. We used the codes with the same codes that you have given. But when we tried to send data. the lcd did not receive anything. i need your response. Thank you!

  3. ram08-31-2013

    bro, can you pls email me your report of this, or at least how it works from a-z….the flow i mean..

    [email protected]

  4. vick03-15-2013

    How to use the internal serial monitor ?

  5. glenn posadas01-24-2013

    hi waihung!!! 🙂 Nice project. Did you make the program to send the string to bluetooth then to arduino?
    I was wondering if you could send me your source code of that program. is that a VB.NET?

    • waihung01-26-2013

      Hi. I’m using a program called 232Analyzer found on the internet.
      Yes you can make a very simple program to send commands to a serial COM port.
      The only difference is you select the COM port of your bluetooth adapter. It’s that simple.

      If you want to get started, try looking at my VB code of the Arduino LED control.
      The download link is at the end of the article.

      Hope it helps.

  6. vick11-18-2012

    Is it possible for me to do something like send message wireless ? Not through computer. But it is like this :

    I have a smoke alarrm at kitchen, and the LCD maybe at my room.
    Then when there is fire, then it will send a warning message to me and display it at the LCD ?

    Possible I think..hehe

    • waihung11-18-2012

      Yeah you can, it will be very similar to this project.
      The only difference is you need another Arduino to send out the message instead of a computer.

  7. Apad10-05-2012

    This Bluetooth LCD Project works with Arduino Duemilanove too? Or other Arduino board?

    • waihung10-05-2012

      It works with any 5v Arduinos 🙂 UNO, duemilanove, nano, mega.

  8. Apad10-04-2012

    Thank You your application. I have a question. What kind of program did you use to test the Bluetooth circuit? I can not see in the video.


    • waihung10-04-2012

      Hi, It is called 232 analyzer. You can also use the built in serial monitor in the Arduino IDE 🙂

      • Apad10-04-2012

        Thank You! It is important for me final year Project!

        • waihung10-04-2012

          You’re welcomed 🙂 good luck in your final year project!

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