3.2″ TFT LCD Touch Screen on Arduino Due

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I got myself a 3rd party Arduino Due to complement the 3.2″ TFT LCD because the Arduino Mega is simply too slow.


At RM 75, it is half the price of the original Arduino Due. It works just the same and has the identical Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU.

The best thing about it is it’s red in colour,  which makes it different from the standard and boring blue colour normally associated with Arduinos.


With the Arduino Due, i can ditch all the level conversion circuits thus making the LCD connections much simpler. This is because both the Arduino Due and the TFT LCD runs on the same 3.3V logic level.


In this article I will set-up and get the touch screen working.

I’m using the UTFT and UTouch drivers by Henning Karlsen. Visit his website at http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics/,

I’ve loaded the touch screen calibration program onto the Due so that the drivers will work properly.


Here is the touch screen calibration process.

After completing the calibration, it will prompt you to change some values in the header file of the library.


Open up UTouchCD.h and change the values according to the calibration results.


After updating the header file, I’ve loaded the touch screen demo in the UTouch library.


Here’s a video of the demo.

More projects to follow on this LCD and touch screen.

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  1. antani07-18-2020

    Hi, can you publish the source code for the sketch on the video.
    Thanks 🙂

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