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Pre-Made Jumper Cables

Jumper Banner

After a long day at work, I arrived home and found this in my mail box. I mean the physical one, not on the Internet 😛 This came all the way from…. Singapore. I bought some pre-made jumper cables on Ebay for only RM 7.50 after conversion. In the pack there are 70 pieces of jumper cables as claimed by …

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Arduino Oscilloscope

Arduino Osc

Can’t afford an oscilloscope? Now you can have your own for much less (albeit a mini one). Watch the video to see how it works. First and foremost, I should mention that I did not come up with the idea, nor the programming of this code. I’m using the program and code from an open source project called xoscillo. Please …

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Arduino : Basic Serial Communication

Arduino Serial

Besides uploading sketches to an Arduino, the computer can also receive data or send commands through the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE. Usually my demo video will be at the end of the post but this time I think I’ll do it differently, so here it goes. The sketches that were used in the video are as follows. Thanks …

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Arduino : Pulse Width Modulation

Arduino Pwm Banner

Pulses are also known as square waves having only two states, either 0 (LOW) or 1 (HIGH). By modulating the period of highs, we can have different average values and this allows us to control the voltage output to a particular device. Yes, the voltage can also be controlled by a potentiometer but a microcontroller’s digital output can only produce …

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Arduino Uno R3

Uno R3 Banner

Finally my Arduino is here. Bought it from which is an official distributor listed on the website. Yeah it’s expensive but it’s a genuine Arduino board and not 3rd party ones. Moreover, this is the latest revision of the Uno, the R3. Here is the package. Genuine Arduino Uno R3 made in Italy. Some close-up shots using my HD-5000 …

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LCD Smartie

Lcdsmartie Banner

LCD Smartie is a software that helps the computer to interface with a character or graphical LCD. It can show any stats about the computer on the LCD and it is very popular among PC enthusiasts because it allows them to keep track of their computer when they’re watching a movie or playing a game. It’s not convenient to switch …

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