Sheffield Hallam University Summer Semester 2014 Part 2

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It’s been some time since I posted an update. Just returned from the UK and here’s Part 2 of my experience in Sheffield Hallam University.

Me in front of the main entrance.


The library is called the Adsetts Centre and it is opened 24 hours and 7 days a week! Spent most of my time here during the final month of my studies.


Inside the library. There are a total of 6 floors and I frequent the 5th floor often because it’s the engineering section.



The electronic engineering section.


Some of the books that I frequently use.


The quiet study area. Most of the computers there have moderate specs (i3 or Core 2 Duo) but the Internet connection is fast. Really fast.


But my favourite spot is the Apple Mac section. They boot up faster compared to the Windows PCs.


One of the many printing facilities. To print you’ll need to top-up some credit into your student ID card and the printing cost will be deducted directly from there. The cost of printing a black & white double-sided A4 page is 7 pence.


There are several cafeterias throughout the campus building but the biggest one is Chef Hallam Central. I prefer this one over the others because there are more choices.


This is a chicken fillet with mashed potatoes and it costs 5.90 pounds.


Most of our classes and lab are held in the Cantor building. It’s a new building located next to the main campus.


The entrance.


One of our lab sessions on Mobile Communications with Mr. Graham Swift.


TIMS Telecommunications Modelling System. It is used to generate different types of telecommunication signals.


An Agilent digital storage oscilloscope showing a BPSK modulation waveform.


More Agilent hardware.


There’s also a PC based oscilloscope if we want to capture the waveform in the computer.


Below is a CNC machine used to prototype copper clad PCB boards.


An Altera DE2-115 board used in our Electronic Systems assignment.


During our studies here, the electronic students get to choose their major, either Microelectronics or Robotics. I chose Robotics.

This is our Robotics lab.


This is the module to test out PID control through MATLAB. It has a motor that can be controlled by the PC and the encoder will send its’ output signal back to the PC for feedback.


Naturally in a robotic lab you’ll have robots to play with. This is a Staubli RX60 robotic arm running the V+ command line system.


From big to small robots. We get to play with the Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit.


It has been a great time studying in Sheffield Hallam University. This marks the end of a chapter in my life. I will definitely miss the great times I’ve had.

I thank God and my family for the wonderful studying opportunities that I’ve had in my life. I will make the best out of it in my future career.

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